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Welcome to Smith Homes!

At Smith Homes, we are proud to carry Fleetwood Homes.  Fleetwood homes are designed from extensive market research and receive over 200 inspections during the building process. All Fleetwood homes meet, and in many cases, exceed HUD code. All this to ensure you live better and enjoy life more in your new home.

About Fleetwood Homes

The Fleetwood story started over 50 years ago in a small Southern California suburb. The company was founded on an uncompromising dedication to its craft and its customers, literally reshaping & transforming an industry.

Launched as a trailer company, Fleetwood began by creating "homes away from home" for an American public fascinated by their new ability to travel the United States by automobile.

It soon became apparent that there was an even greater need to fill#larger units to accommodate year-round living. It was a time when our hearts and minds were focused on home.

And that's when the excitement started. The housing market exploded, and Fleetwood was determined to help Americans fulfill their dream of affordable home ownership. Quickly, Fleetwood grew and paved the way for a whole new industry#factory-crafted residential homes.

As you continue reading this story, you'll see that a Fleetwood home is rivaled by no other factory-crafted home.

Frankly, few are built as well as a Fleetwood home. Today, Fleetwood is one of the nation's largest builders of homes and recreational vehicles, having built and sold over one million homes. An accomplishment earned one home at a time. One family at a time. We hope your next home will be a Fleetwood home. After all, that's really what our story is all about.


One-Year Warranty

Fleetwood Homes offers the best backed standard warranty in the business. Click here for more warranty info.


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